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Background to CEIAG provision

The Onwards 'n' Upwards team have experience of working with children and young people spanning 25 years. Throughout this time we have worked with a variety of schools and adult education providers delivering pre-employability support using skills and relevant CEIAG qualifications neccessary to provide the best possible advice and guidance. We have an excellent record of successful outcomes generated for young people accessing our services. Positive progression routes have been through employment, further education/training providers or apprenticeships. Through this work we have established good working links with local providers and employers. Over the past two years we have been working a lot closer with schools providing one-to-one engagement support with mainly Year 10 and Year 11 students. Over this time, it has become evident that students would benefit highly from additional CEIAG support, especially students that find it difficult to engage with school.


The transition from the security of a school environment into the adult world presents additional fears and concerns for young people. The Onwards ‘n’ Upwards CEIAG provision will boost your young person’s self-esteem and confidence by encouraging them to take the necessary steps to reach their personal future goals and ambitions.