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Group Programme

The transition from the security of a school environment into the adult world presents additional fears and concerns for young people. The Onwards ‘n’ Upwards IAG provision will boost a young person’s self-esteem and confidence by encouraging them to take the necessary steps to reach their personal future goals and ambitions.

We offer a small group-based learning programme for young people at our centre in Charminster, Bournemouth. The group environment will help the learner build confidence and social skills with others as well as establish a positive attitude towards their education.


Our programme offers recognised qualifications and provides an informal and supportive educational environment.

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The Onwards ‘n’ Upwards mentoring programme supports young people and adults with self-esteem, confidence and  motivation. Onwards ‘n’ Upwards can support with anger management, behaviour, social skills, communication skills and life skills, as well as helping with routine and helping them to move forward, providing focus for the future. The programme aims to highlight the individual’s strengths and identify areas for improvement, whilst encouraging them to re-engage in education, voluntary work or employment and the community.

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Onwards 'n' Upwards are continuing service delivery in line with Government guidance. We are adapting our programmes as and when required to ensure we keep our young people and staff safe and well during sessions. We are keeping in regular contact with our young people and parents to help maintain positive engagement during this difficult time.

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